Why San Marino has become an ideal destination for the cosmetics market.

San Marino excellence: the cosmetics cluster is made up of around thirty companies, with a total turnover of more than 170 million euro. The sector, which is expected to grow strongly in 2023 after the slowdown caused by the pandemic and problems in raw material supply, has always demonstrated its resilience and competitiveness since the early 1960s, thanks to its ability to market all over the world, from the North American market to the Far East.

“Being small means direct contacts and enables us to act very quickly and to give targeted answers to the specific needs of individual companies. These aspects are highly appreciated by those who do business,” comments Denis Cecchetti, Director General of the Economic Development Agency – Chamber of Commerce.”

Domenico Ganassini, President of Ganassini Corporate S.p.A., the parent company of Farmagan, and Luca Casadio, Junior CEO of Vivipharma S.p.A., highlighted the efficiency of the San Marino jurisdiction as a major factor the international development of their companies.


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Why San Marino has become the ideal cosmetics destination (