We live in an era marked by far-reaching and sudden innovations in business models and competitive scenarios.
The small San Marino jurisdiction plays a key role in terms of capacity to innovate its regulatory framework and speed in creating an ecosystem conducive to frontier sectors and businesses.
A Country closely connected to larger jurisdictions that provides an additional opportunity to forward-thinking entrepreneurs and investors to develop strategies.

The San Marino Economic Development Agency – Chamber of Commerce is a joint-stock company with mixed public and private capital, which supports foreign entrepreneurs and investors in their first steps within the San Marino jurisdiction and assists local businesses in their internationalisation strategies.


Emanuel Colombini

President of the San Marino Economic Development Agency - Chamber of Commerce
President of Colombini Group

San Marino is characterised by a vibrant and diverse economic fabric, which is home to outstanding world-class businesses.

Investing in the development of one’s business in San Marino to compete in international markets is fostered by a lean and dynamic regulatory and institutional environment.
An additional opportunity for fast-growing businesses in their industry. 


Denis Cecchetti

Director General of the San Marino Economic Development Agency - Chamber of Commerce

“We are the institutional partner of entrepreneurs and investors in their development strategies.
We speed up the understanding of the San Marino regulatory and institutional framework.
We drive the establishment of new businesses and their integration into the local business community.
We support the growth of San Marino companies in international markets. “