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ECONOMIC FORUM – Karpacz – Poland

Karpacz – Poland 

8 September 2022 


Facing the current international challenges means tackling the most significant energy transition of the last fifty years but also re-imagining international value chains from a strategically more resilient and sustainable perspective. 


Some of the most relevant topics addressed in the 400 or so panels during the three-day event in Karpacz, at the most important Economic Forum in Central and Eastern Europe, focused precisely on the ‘reshoring’ of production activities previously relocated to distant markets. This means the economic and political ‘regionalisation’, a new phase of post-globalisation or globalisation 2.0. The European Union is at a crossroads: either much more cohesive and decisive in the international scenario or on the final road to decline. 


The speeches by the Minister Industry Fabio Righi, at the Panel on strategies to support SMEs, and by EDA-CC Director General Denis Cecchetti, at the Panel on strategies to attract Foreign Direct Investment, stimulated reflections on the role of small jurisdictions in the highly dynamic scenario of these years. Hey also attracted the interest to a country, San Marino, which is particularly interesting for its agility in creating an ecosystem of rules and services favourable to companies in innovative and rapidly changing sectors such as, for example, digital services and technologies functional to energy transition, but also to products related to health and wellness. 

The forum hosted numerous meetings with large multinational companies, experts and organisations from around 60 countries, with over 4,000 people, in a spirit of dialogue and desire to collaborate in an authentic, effective and rapid manner… to counter the recent pandemic and the military events that have shaken the world and even more intensely Europe. 


The San Marino Economic Development Agency – Chamber of Commerce, accompanying the Minister of Industry, represented the country at the 31st Economic Forum in Karpacz and contributed to widening the audience of ‘friends’ of the small Republic.